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5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Video Production Company

1. Can you do your film on a mobile phone?

Why spend thousands of pounds on equipment and talent when you’ve got a piece of technology in your pocket that can shoot cinema quality images for nothing? Here’s some links to apps that can help you create amazing looking content at a fraction of the cost. Why not invest the money you save to train staff in creating their own content and managing social media? We’re happy to advice on training and deliver workshops. – for animation – for editing on Android – editor

2. Why do you want a film?

Is it to increase sales? Raise the profile of your company or organisation? To impress your stakeholders? In our experience, being able to have really clear goals can help the production company create content that can most effectively achieve the results you desire.

3. Show some examples of content that has inspired you.

We’re creatives, we love to chat about really great content and it gives us a chance to understand what gets your creative juices flowing and gives us a visual reference we can refer back to.

4. Have you got a budget to buy ads on social media?

It can be so frustrating for clients and agency to produce amazing content and for no one to see it. Try and put aside a bit of money to invest in promoted content that can let the world know about the great work you’ve produced. It’ll help raise the visibility of your company or organisation and help you achieve your goals.

5. Do you really need a drone?

Think very carefully before investing a chunk of your budget in a drone or any other fancy gear. Filmmakers and videographers like their toys and it’s very easy to chuck in a few drone shots to up the production values of your promo film or video without asking if the content needs it. It’s also, frankly become a bit of cliche in a lot of public sector campaigns.

What do you think? Is any of this helpful? Controversial? What do you think?

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