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Marketing your way out of COVID

In the middle of the worst economic crisis for three hundred years should businesses be closing their purses and putting their heads in the sand while they wait for the apocalypse to end? Or can businesses work more intelligently and creatively to reach their market and keep growing.

At b a k we’re always considering ways in which we can use data imaginatively and there’s never been more need to dig down and start to use those numbers to develop new strategies and tactics and even new products. We’ve been working with clients in the food and hospitality sector and many of them have been agile enough to adapt to the new situation moving to carry outs and online delivery for food and drink or even in the case of wholesalers increasing their sales as people who are spending more time at home are devoting more of their monthly spend to eating in.

Of course some brands are finding that the crisis has meant a big shift from physical space to online. Small businesses already know of necessity that you don’t need a huge budget to connect with your existing customer base. But you do need creativity, imagination and the ability to think on your feet if you’re going to survive in this new world.

Are you keeping in contact with your clients and customers and seeing how their doing during lockdown? Are you letting them know what it’s like for you and what you’re doing? Are you talking to other businesses about the challenges they are facing and how they’re overcoming them? When lockdown started we were working on an account for the USA market and had to shift to remote photoshoots and digital art design. It was quite a learning curve – how to meet our obligations and responsibilities to our client at the same time as working with really severe restrictions. At one point I was directing models in London from my kitchen in Cardiff and giving notes to a voice over artist in Mexico in the early hours of the morning. A challenge, for sure. But great fun at the same time.

Now we’re in a new phase, we’re having to factor in the in-out nature of the current measures into our scheduling and trying to be as COVID proof as we can in our forward planning. Sure it’s a headache but it’s making us all be more creative in our responses to the most challenging business environment for generations.

Keep safe.

Here is a great example for an innovative business solution:

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