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The future of work as we move to hybrid working

Hybrid futures is the global buzzphrase as we crawl out of COVID restrictions. It’s hard to imagine how much we’ve come to rely on digital technology to keep work going during the last two years. A mix of working from home and office work seems to be the future of our working lives. But perhaps there’s another bigger shift coming on the horizon. The spectre of AI is in the air. Over the last couple of years, we’ve experimented with various digital office experiences from relatively flat software like Google Meet and Zoom to more fun creations like Spatial.Chat and Pesto. But are we about to make a great leap forward and what are the implications for the workforce and workplace?

Recently our Creative Director Memet Ali Alabora has immersed himself in the Metaverse with the launch of our new digital office. Is this the future of work as we move to a hybrid working future?

What do you think?

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