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Wales Refugee Council

Nationality and Borders Bill Campaign

We were thrilled to be asked to work on the @Welshrefcouncil campaign against the Nationality and Borders Bill. The Bill is currently awaiting ratification by the UK parliament. We were brought on board to create a campaign video that would appeal to the target audience and raise the visibility of WRC online. There were lots of political sensitivities that had to be negotiated in creating the film which was the core of the campaign. The key the message was that any refugee or asylum seeker could have their right to remain withdrawn at a moment’s notice. We aimed to distill that message into simple emotive visuals and Voice Over.

Profoundly moving’





Just a few of the comments we’ve received for this video. There were over 70K views on Twitter alone within a few days of launch.

If you want to find out more about the work of the Welsh Refugee Council you can visit

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