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The Welsh Refugee Council
Wales: Nation of Sanctuary
bak created a film campaign with Welsh Refugee Council against the Nationality and Borders Bill. We worked with refugees and asylum seekers to create an emotive video that got to the heart of the threat they faced from the new bill. This is a politically sensitive area which we treated with a great deal of creative dexterity. The timetable for the bill was brought forward to January. This gave us a tight turnaround of only a few days to develop, script and shoot the campaign on a tight budget.

‘Profoundly moving’

Just a few of the comments we’ve received for this video which has now had over 70,000 organic views on social media.

Visit their website for more information about the work of The Welsh Refugee Council.

Script by Dave Evans & Memet Ali Alabora
Directed by Memet Ali Alabora
Produced by Dave Evans
Cinematography by George Hoagy Morris
Edited by Çınar Çabuk
Voiceover by Valmai Jones
Video campaign
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