Political Campaign
YesCymru membership saw phenomenal growth from 2,000 in April 2020 to 19,000 in April of 2021. YesCymru is dedicated to increasing support for Welsh independence and b a k has been tasked with continuing to support the growth of the movement and deliver a complete package of branding, design, content and media management across all platforms. During a period of unprecedented organisational change, bak worked with outside management agency Azets ( to manage the transition of YesCymru to a company ltd by guarantee, liaising with the membership, focus groups, media and completely redesigning the website to give a smoother user journey and alter the way in which the organisation communicated with members.  Revenue for the organisation from merchandise sales, membership and donations nearly doubled during 2021.

Photography by Alex Lloyd Jenkins
Yescymru #YOURCYMRU Campaign:
Billboards Behind the Scenes

We’re working with YesCymru on an exciting new campaign called #YourCymru 
We produced a tookit for members filled with graphics and advice to help them campaign and recruit new members to the movement. We also created a series of billboards that you can see all across Wales!
"I spent 6 months working closely with the team at BAK, managing an interim assignment that involved working in sensitive and emotive environment.  BAK’s management of the comms and media elements of the project was excellent, they were completely professional in sometimes challenging circumstances.  The team bring great ideas and strategies to the table that helped me navigate the social media and wider communications challenges we were confronted with.  I would not hesitate to recommend the BAK team."
Sarah Case | Azets